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ARAR’s funding is limited and we rely on donations to help the animals we rescue every day.

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Meet Kaylie

On October 7th, the rescue was contacted about a Pregnant Momma dog named Kaylie in Detroit Animal Care and Control. A ReJoyceful Rescue found a foster for Momma Kaylie. She was picked up by a volunteer for A ReJoyceful Animal Rescue the next morning. She immediately knew that the only place Kaylie needed to be was at the vets. She took her straight to Oakland Veterinary Referral Services (OVRS) for an assessment and treatment. She went into labor by that evening at OVRS and delivered 11 babies.

It was quickly discovered that she had not been burnt, but she actually suffering a rare and serious skin infection. She also tested Heartworm Positive. She has had to remain hospitalized at OVRS for top notch care and monitoring while she receives heavy duty IV antibiotics. 2 of her babies passed away, leaving 9 surviving babies.

Due to Kaylie’s condition, she has struggled to nurse. At first she was able to nurse some of her babies, and volunteers bottle fed the others. However; she is not responding to the anti-biotics that made it safe for her to nurse. Sadly, all of her babies will now be bottle fed by volunteers. It is unknown how long she will need to stay at the vets at this time.

Her current bill is nearing 9 thousand dollars, and that does not include the treatment for her Heartworm. Then there is the general care for the puppies, formula, food, toys, and shots. The rescue is holding events in the month of November to help raise funds.

The Amazing Ladies Night Out Shopping event on November 19th, lots of vendors and fabulous baskets that will be raffled off is just one of the events this month.

Check out for more events.

Meet Hudson

Hudson is a very sweet and loving dog who just wants love, belly rubs, and to know he is safe. His demeanor is incredible considering the life he has lived so far.

He was found living under an abandoned house in Detroit surrounded by dog carcasses.

He has gone through heartworm treatment, always had a bad limp in his front right leg, and some neurological issues we believe with his back hind legs, but he doesn’t let that affect him. He even loves going tot he vet, just because he gets attention there, and treats.

Hudson has acquired some hefty medical bills due to a recent diagnosis of joint cancer in his front leg. So A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue needs donations to help this sweet boy.