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A ReJoyceful Animal Rescue is a 501(c)(3) Animal Rescue specializing in dog and cat rescue in Southeastern Michigan.





We are so thankful you would like to provide a home to one of our animals temporarily while they wait for their forever home! We cover all costs for medical, food and toys while a foster is in your home; in exchange, we ask that you provide them a loving committed environment! Fill out this foster questionnaire to determine if we will make a good fit for each other!


Ready to make a fur-ever commitment? Fill out our adoption application for your new family member by clicking here. Please note our adoption fees are $400 for canines and $150 for felines. We will complete home checks and vet checks prior to adoption. If you have any questions surrounding our process, please visit our FAQ.


Our rescue survives on your generous donations. If you are able to financially donate to our 501(c)(3) rescue via monetary or item donation, please do so! Our shopping wish list can be found here on Amazon  or you can shop via Chewy here. You can use the PayPal Donate Button on the top of our website to use any major credit card, e-check, or PayPal account, if you have one. Donate once or set-up monthly donations. Every amount helps!

** Please Note**

~ You do not have to have a PayPal account to use a credit card with ourPayPal Donate button.

~ Use the "Add Note" to send us further instructions on your donation, or email us at


Want to lend a "paw" but can't foster or adopt a fur-friend? We are always looking for volunteers to help out at adoption events, fundraisers and at our Cat Condos! Fill out the contact us form at the bottom of our page with how you can help us out. 

How to Help
You can donate to A ReJoyceful Animal Rescue simply by naming us your charity of choice at Kroger or Amazon Smile! 




A ReJoyceful Animal Rescue is a no-kill, foster-based cat and dog rescue. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) charity located in the Metro-Detroit area. All of the animals that come into in our care have been rescued from one place or another. We pull from high-kill animal shelters, we take in the sick, unwanted, aggressive, abandoned, abused and neglected animals. We place them in a foster home with someone who will understand them, rehabilitate them and show them what it is like to be loved again. We feel that all animals deserve better and we strive to give them a life full of love and happiness.

Our rescue does not cage animals that come into our care. Each animal that comes into our organization is a part of someone’s family until they find their forever homes. This helps us to determine their personalities and work with them to give them the one on one attention that they deserve. We also run a community outreach project, helping 24/7 chained dogs, stray/feral cats and more. We provide medical care (including TNR), food, treats, toys, bones, proper tie outs, collars, shelter, straw and more!

Our Animals





Minnie is as sweet as they come. She has had a rough start but what a trooper that has that beautiful Pit smile all the time. At approximately 3-5 months old, Minnie was hit by a car and had multiple fractures in both legs. She had several surgeries and has pins along with plates in both legs. Minnie was then adopted by an older lady and was thriving. Unfortunately the owner suddenly passed and Minnie ended up back at the rescue. She is now in a foster home and seems to get along with other housemates. Minnie loves to play with her toys, very food motivated (we are working on house manners). She adores her 6 month old foster brother. Minnie loves to run in the backyard and chase the ball so a fenced in yard would be ideal. Recently Minnie had a check up at the surgeons office and although her legs have healed the best they can, she does have a luxating patella. Right now we are trying medication to see if this helps as she will favor one leg at times. Minnie is the sweetest. If you are looking for a spunky, loving lap dog, Minnie is the girl for you!

Breed                      Color                    Age                     Gender               Hair

Mixed breed           black/white         young adult        Female                    short



At only two years old, this wonderfully sweet kitty has been through a lot but she hasn't let her experiences stop her from being a loving, affectionate companion.

ReJoyceful was alerted to her case when she was found pregnant, on day four of labor. After rushing her to the ER and having a C-Section performed, we were heartbroken to learn that none of her kittens survived.

Nasia's recovery needs were significant, and it truly took a village to rally around her. We are thrilled to report that she has made a full recovery and is ready for her forever home!

Nasia demands to be the only cat in the home, no other cats please
May do well with quieter dogs who are comfortable with giving her space
She is human-OBSESSED and loves to be loved by her people
Up to date on vaccinations, spayed, and microchipped

Breed                Color                Age                   Gender              Hair
Domestic            Black                 2 year                   Female               Long



Hey everyone!!! My name is Capone.... like Al Capone....I'm a 2-year-old American Bulldog/ Boxer/Hound/St. Bernard mix and I weigh 65 pounds.... wow I'm a lot of different dogs. I like to play with the stuffy toys and squeaky toys my foster mom has. I like chewing on bones, gotta keep my teeth pretty. I also love playing with a laser pointer. I live with 2 other dogs; one is a little smaller than me so it took some time to realize he was a good boy too. The other dog is a Yorkie so he's alot smaller than me but he's a crabby old man, so I try to leave him alone. I also live with 2 kitties and don't bother them, but every once awhile I like to chase them but don't tell my foster mom she says we don't chase the kitties Capone blah blah blah. I'm a little unsure of new people and I really don't like dogs bigger than me. I would probably do better with no kids under 16. I will need someone that understands all the breeds I am, and I also need a strong handler because I am reactive with new people and other dogs. I have Grade 2 heart murmur and arrhythmia, but I saw a special doctor that said I didn't need any type of medical treatment at this point. My foster mom just watches when I'm outside that I don't get to hot or over-excited or too stressed because of the murmur. Anyways I gotta go I see a squirrel in yard, and I need to show him this my yard not his.... bark at ya later

Breed            Color                  Age                      Gender          Hair
Mixed            white/brown        2 years                 Male             Short




Success Stories


Roadie was found on the side of the road after being dropped by a hawk. He was left for dead until a good samaritan found him. He was brought into our rescue and received full medical care. He now, has made a 85% recovery and is only expected to further improve. Roadie is now adopted and no longer available.  Read more about Roadie's story here



Creed was found on the streets of Detroit severely emaciated with a mangled foot. Our volunteers believed he was hit by a car and left to die. Creed was rushed to the hospital where he was fighting for his life. At one point while trying to stabilize him he flat lined and died for 15 minutes. The animal universe was on his side as doctors and techs performed CPR on him for 15 straight minutes and he came back to life. He survived dying, heartworm treatment, leg amputation, neutering and additional rehabilitation and therapy. Creed has since recovered with his foster, now permanent, mom.  



Amari was found on the side of the road by a good samaritan. She was involved in a dog fight and left on the side of the road to die. ARAR stepped up and helped save her life. Doctors predicted she would have a 5% chance at living; however, this strong girl defied all odds and made a full recovery. She is now happy and healthy in a furever home.



Stafford was shot between the eyes with a 45 caliber handgun by some awful person on the streets on Detroit to no fault of his own. Stafford is now blind in one eye and the bullet broke inside of Stafford's jaw. Stafford was also heartworm positive. He has since made a full recover and is in a furever home with his young best friend. 

"I can’t say enough about ARAR! I rescued my Bianca Mae three years ago. She got out of the house earlier this year and i was a mess. They searched with me from sun up until sun down for over two days and called upon all their available resources until she was found safe and back with us. They aren’t just a rescue that gives you a dog and walks away. They kind of become family. Thank you will never be enough for all they’ve done for my family. If you’re looking for a reputable rescue who thoroughly loves the animals in their care and will do all they can to help those in need, look no more and check out ARAR."

   - Lisa

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P.O Box 46354
Mount Clemens, Michigan

Tel:  586.329.4404




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